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Exercise Leads to Heart Health in Louisiana

The key to maintaining heart health in Louisiana is exercise, but not just any activity. You need to pick something that you will enjoy doing because then you will stay motivated to do it, and it won’t feel like work. The American Heart Association recommends 150-300 minutes of moderate exercise, 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, or a combination each week. It will be easier to hit those targets if you enjoy getting there.

Keeping You on Track

Working with a wellness coach and creating a wellness plan is ideal for focusing on your health, no matter your age or physical condition. At pairO’docs, we realize it can be a challenge to exercise, get enough sleep, eat right, and keep up with your medical records. But we believe that working with a trusted physician is the way to avoid being overwhelmed while following your path to health.

When you’re working on your health and wellbeing, you will receive nonjudgmental support from our qualified coaches at pairO’docs to reach your goals.

Dr. Jack And Dr. Karen
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As we work with you on your plan, we don’t rush. Our process is to get to know you individually to tailor our recommendations to your lifestyle, abilities, and requirements. Your plan will be science-based and designed to work for you while also being achievable. When you take the first steps, you will benefit by feeling healthier, happier, and more confident

Dr. Jack has been practicing as a physician for more than 40 years, and he loves to help people feel better and reach their health goals.

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Why Prevent Heart Disease, Stroke, and Dementia?

Heart disease and stroke are costly health problems. Annual health care expenditures for these preventable illnesses reach $300 billion. 1 in 3 adults (85 million individuals) have one or more cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Karen and Dr. Jack hear people say, “I am going to die anyway so why not enjoy my vices?”

But does this philosophy play into our purpose? Why are we here on Earth and what are we called to create?

Let’s take the family breadwinner. What will happen to your family if you die – financially and emotionally? Or, what if you suffer a disability from heart disease or stroke and need constant care from your family?

Let’s say you are an entrepreneur and small business owner. Now you are responsible for the business, team members, and customers. Imagine the detrimental impact on the business and people it serves.

Heart disease and stroke cause disability, financial loss, and decreased quality of life. But heart disease and stroke are preventable.

Prevention is the key to improving blood vessel and heart health. There are many facets to this prevention.

By addressing inflammation in the blood vessels, our patients achieve better health.

Find out how our program is an investment in YOU and changes your current health situation.

Are you asking, “Why?” It’s so you can show up healthy for the people who count on you.

Develop a clear picture of your wellbeing and fitness lifestyle and receive a free consultation by taking our Healthspan Quiz.